Client Testimonials

“I was referred to Claire by a friend after my business entered a very challenging phase. We were losing our identity, and I was struggling to make sense of and prioritise the hundreds of rather shouty thoughts echoing around my head.

Claire listened to and deciphered my jumbled thoughts, stripped out the points that seemed to be more critical to me, and within moments came back with priorities and a plan which hadn’t even been on my radar.

I’m 8 months down the line as I write this, and am very pleased to say that following working with Claire, and implementing her suggestions, we’ve moved past our previous concerns and the business is heading in a new and altogether more exciting direction!”

– Andrew Menzies, Founder & Director, Red Candy

“For me the [back to work leadership] workshop had an immediate effect! I felt much more confident and empowered afterwards, so much so that I arranged a phone call with a freelance work contact the next morning. I’d been feeling anxious having had nine months in a maternity leave ‘bubble’ and felt like an outsider to the world of work, but even simply talking through some of these fears made them disappear. The workshop definitely made me think about language used in tricky negotiations and the power of entering into them feeling positively prepared. Thank you guys so much!”

– Chrissy, producer (London, England)

“Big thanks to my business coach Claire @pale_blue_coaching for helping me get clear on my vision and goals, and helping me stay on course by using my values to guide my decisions… safe to say so far, I feel like I’m smashing it!”

– Clare Muscutt, owner & founder at CMXperience Ltd.

“By far the best leadership and communication workshop I’ve ever attended. Other events of this kind can be uninspiring, PowerPoint-heavy and jargonistic; this stands out as personal and thought-provoking. Its positive impact will be felt in the workplace and beyond”.

– Sophie Herbert, NHS doctor

“Claire has an uncanny ability to pause and deliberate. Not only has she taught me to see patterns in my way of thinking, but she’s shown me how to harness the peace of mind to deconstruct those patterns and engineer new outcomes. We’ve worked through everything from relationship problems to anxiety about flying to depression issues- in every instance I have managed to visualize a concrete way forward, gain vital self reflection and gradually make progress. I love Claire’s perspective on it all- it’s never too big, never too small. She considers the microcosm of our lives and our own heads, and the larger truths of our shared world, too”

Molly Marquand, magazine editor (NY, USA) 

“Claire helped me a great deal when I felt stuck in a rut with my job situation.
I was struggling to make a career change and lacked motivation and inspiration following several rejections and unsuccessful applications for jobs. After just a few sessions with Claire, my self-esteem was much higher and I realised that I had a lot of strengths that I had either dismissed as insignificant, or not even known I possessed. I revitalised my CV, and broadened my scope and immediately had a company get in contact to arrange an interview.

Claire’s demeanor and enthusiasm were thoroughly encouraging and bolstered the skills and traits I already had to make my credentials really stand out. I am truly grateful for Claire’s help, and though I needed to face some truths that were sometimes difficult to digest, I ultimately came out of coaching with much more confidence and a much clearer idea of where I wanted to head.”

Michael Hills, editor South London

“The day was really interesting, and Claire created a really warm, welcoming and stimulating environment for the group. I felt it was valuable, both in terms of helping me think through how to navigate my return to work following maternity leave, and also giving me more general insights into my work and leadership style”.

– Jenna Simes, lawyer

“Claire is a great listener, analyst and inspiring coach. She always has a positive outlook on life, regardless of how crazy your interests and ambitions may seem to you… Totally recommending having sessions with her like I have many times over the years.”

Johan Lundin, hedge fund IT developer