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  • Leadership, promotion
  • Career transition, change of sector
  • Back-to-work after parental leave
  • Retirement ‘next chapter’
  • Entrepreneurs, starting your own business
  • Big life changes

Workshop Facilitation

  • Leadership Workshops
  • Mentoring & Coaching Skills Workshops
  • Tough Conversations on Race & Gender with Karl Smith & Claire Fry
  • Return-to-work for Parents after Parental Leave/in-house working parents programmes
  • Deep Listening & Trust-building for senior leaders with negotiator & communication expert: Chris White
  • Feedback: workshops on how to give, receive and elicit feedback

Organisational Culture Assessments & Culture Transformation work

We start by running an assessment of the current organisational/dept/team culture using the Barrett Culture Survey and CTT Tools, this will show the personal values of team/dept/org members, how the current culture values are manifesting and what values are desired in the future/aspirational culture. This is followed by analysis of the results, a summary of findings and a debrief of these with managers.

We then co-create a programme plan to address the changes you want to make based on the information above. Follow the contact tab to get in touch and request an initial call to discuss running a culture programme.